Why Join COBRAS?

  • We are a social club.
  • We are a learning club.
  • We are a racing club.

If you are looking for a group to ride or race with, or are interested in learning more about bike racing, we are your club!

For the racer:   If you would like to train and race with men and women and with a friendly group, COBRAS has a lot to offer you.  We can be serious about racing but we are not a group of young guns that will drop you like a hot rock!  Plus we provide training and lectures on racing, nutrition, and related subjects.

For the person who would like to race:   COBRAS is a great place to start racing! We can mentor you and help you get started, help you enter your first race and help with your training. You don’t need a time trial bike or anything all that fancy to get started and when you are ready to “gear up” we can help advise you from our experience. For more information about racing, visit our Racing FAQ page.

For the non-racer:   COBRAS offer year around group rides and social events.  Most of our group rides are around 30 – 40 miles and we ride at a reasonable pace.

If you enjoy riding and would like to ride and socialize with a great group of cyclists, we are your club!  

For more information, go to our Contact Us page and feel free to ask any questions or have us give you a call.

Please come out to a Saturday morning team ride and meet us.  Just go to our Team Rides page for information about our next upcoming ride.

Or if you are ready to join today, you can fill out our online  membership application and pay your dues by PayPal or mail us your check for your dues.

Have questions? Just drop me an email or use or the Contact Us page and submit your question and phone number and I can give you a call.

We are looking forward to riding with you!

Membership Chairman

To join or renew, please fill out our online membership application.