The COBRAS donate to several worthy organizations each year, in addition we perform community service projects.


Bicycle Colorado is the nonprofit organization dedicated to building a bicycle-friendly Colorado. Our mission statement: to encourage and promote bicycling, increase safety, improve conditions and provide a voice for cyclists in Colorado.Established in 1992, we are supported by thousands of members who realize that we need to work together to protect the rights of bicyclists – or risk losing them.  We work for more bike lanes and paths, better trails, education outreach and bicycle-friendly laws.  Our efforts are primarily focused at the state and regional level since that’s where so many of the policy decisions that affect bicyclists are made.

The Cancer Fitness Institute has been providing exercise programs to cancer survivors for over twelve years, helping over 1,600 cancer survivors regain strength and confidence through exercise.  Our focus is on providing a program that is “health” rather than “hospital” oriented, to give our participants the opportunity to exercise in their own community and to incorporate exercise as a lifelong habit.  The three month CancerFit exercise program is open to adults of all ages and fitness levels. Participants are both men and women who have survived every type of cancer.   Exercise physiologists with a cancer specialty oversee all aspects of the exercise regimen, which aids in recovery and general fitness during and after treatment. The fitness program includes flexibility, balance, cardiovascular and strength training. The program is currently offered through  13 recreation facilities across Colorado, with one location in Minnesota.

The Cancer Fitness Institute has created a “train the trainer” program, offering education to exercise physiologists and other fitness professionals on our CancerFit® program. Our goal is two-fold: create a small army of exercise professionals specifically trained to work with cancer survivors, and see the CancerFit® program implemented in every community across the nation.

The mission of Bike Jeffco is to promote and advocate road cycling as a mainstream transportation and recreation option, to increase its safety and to be the voice of road cyclists in Jefferson County, Colorado.

Roadside litter costs millions of dollars annually to control. Often, it is impossible to keep up with the trash that thoughtless people have dumped on us.  COBRAS members have joined the thousands of volunteers who help keep Colorado beautiful by picking up litter along our highways.

As a national leader in the rehabilitation of individuals with traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, Craig Hospital is dedicated to providing the highest quality care to our patients and their families.

As the only stand-alone, not-for-profit hospital in Colorado, Craig Hospital relies on donor support to provide cutting-edge, holistic care.

The Craig Hospital Foundation is an independent 501 (c)(3) that exists solely to support the hospital, its programs and patients.

Craig Hospital Foundation supports the hospital in achieving its goals through philanthropy. Operating in accordance with the philosophy of Craig Hospital, the Foundation builds lifelong relationships with contributors, raises funds and dedicates its resources to further advance the needs of the Craig Hospital family.n and play.