COBRAS clothing may be ordered directly from PACTIMO.  Go to the PACTIMO Website and enter “teamcobras” (lower case and all one word) in the password box in the Team Sign In box. 


How it works:

  1. You will prompted to either log in or to establish an account with PACTIMO
  2. You may order any items on the COBRAS page
  3. PACTIMO will process orders of $300 or more
  4. If you order is less than $300, it will be held until another member orders and the total of all orders exceed $300.
  5. All items are at cost + $5

If you have any questions or problems please email [wpml_mailto email=”[email protected]”]Craig[/wpml_mailto] (or use the Contact Us page)


We also have inventory in stock! Contact Craig to ask if he has what you are looking for.  List of items/prices are here.

[wpml_mailto email=”[email protected]”]Email Craig[/wpml_mailto] (or use the Contact Us page)




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