Thank you for being a Ride Leader!


Rider Leaders have the responsibility of:

  • Deciding on a route
  • Arriving a few minutes early to the starting location
  • Having all members and club guests sign in
  • Leading the group on the ride
  • Having fun!

The Ride Leader Chairman will help you with selecting a route and will be responsible for sending out the notification to the members (email and posting the event on the COBRAS web site).

The Ride Leader Chairman will also answer any questions you may have.

For route selection, you can look at the list of routes that we have cycled before on our Route Collection page.

You will need to download and print out the Sign In and Waiver Form.

After the ride, the signed Sign In and Waiver Form must be given to the Ride Leader Chairman or the Archivist.

Your contribution to the COBRAS is very much appreciated!

Craig Seaman

303 233 6916