Welcome to the COBRAS!

It is with sincere pleasure that I welcome you to the COBRAS and offer you this information as a way to get started quickly and efficiently.

The COBRAS was founded in 1991 by Frank Schneider as a way for the over-45 individual to begin racing or keep racing if they have been already.  COBRAS is a lot of things: a bicycle racing club, a social club, and a place to exchange cycling ideas about racing technique, bike maintenance, nutrition and training.

We want you to be as involved in our organization as you want, and encourage you to volunteer or just race as much or as little as you wish.  We are primarily a developmental club; we want to help people make the transition from a recreational cyclist to a competitive one.

Our website is our main communication tool to our members.  There you will find out when the next training ride is, find the latest item on sale from our main sponsor Green Mountain Sports and a calendar of COBRAS and local racing events.  You can sell old bike parts or run an ad for something you want to buy in our newsletter. We also carry our own line of bike apparel, which is available to you at cost.  By using the Clothing Store at our website you can outfit yourself in our kit, which includes: jerseys, shorts, bibs, jackets, vests, caps, socks and arm warmers.

We hold an annual party in November each year to celebrate our COBRAS Championship Challenge.  It is one of several functions throughout the year that come with the membership and at no additional cost to you.





Now That I’m a Member, What Do I Do Next?

Request a Mentor

Using the Contact Us page, request a mentor to contact you.


Check the COBRAS website for upcoming training rides and special training events which are held during the week and on weekends.  These events accomplish a multitude of things such as: endurance training, hill climbing, sprinting and all around fun.  Sometimes members stay afterwards for a meal and conversation. If you are looking for a good route to ride, we post our training ride routes to our web site as well.

How do I use the COBRAS website?

Our website is our main communication tool and is managed by a board member of COBRAS.  As you found out when you first located COBRAS it was an initial source of membership information, training ride schedules, etc.

For Members Only information that is password protected, use our Contact Us form and request the password.

We want our website to be as helpful as possible without being intrusive.

The website keeps up to date information on the COBRAS Championship Challenge. s

What is the COBRAS Championship Challenge?

The COBRAS Championship Challenge (CCC) is a replacement for the COBRAS Championship Series which was a program to honor and reward COBRAS’ members who raced in predetermined events. This program in recent years has benefited only a small fraction of the COBRAS membership, as the profile of the typical COBRAS member has changed over time.

The new program still honors those who like to race, however it also encourages members to participate in other club activities and is targeted towards the membership as a whole, not just those who enter and place well in races.

In lieu of trophies and medallions at the end of the year, this program will provide special clothing such as jackets and vests that can only be obtained by earning it via the COBRAS Championship Challenge. Any current active or honorary member can participate, and any member can earn the COBRAS Championship Challenge jacket or vest, not just the top one or two in a race category.

Each COBRAS member can earn points by participating in any COBRAS activity or by entering a race as a COBRAS club member.

What is the USA Cycling (USAC) and Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado (BRAC) and How Does it Affect COBRAS?

BRAC is the governing body over the races in Colorado.  BRAC works with promoters, clubs, teams, racers and municipalities in a wide range of duties that helps events happen in a safe regulated manner.  BRAC provides trained officials to all sanctioned events to score the race.

COBRAS is a member of BRAC and promotes the Karen Hornbostel Memorial Time Trials at Cherry Creek in the spring within the structure of BRAC.

All events share proceeds with BRAC to keep them functioning on our behalf.

How Do I Sign Up For Races?

After you have looked at the COBRAS Championship Series of races, go to the BRAC website and click on the “Racing Schedule” in the left navigation bars.  This will bring up a calendar of upcoming races.  Look for the race you wish to enter and click on the flyer for the advertisement of the race or the website which normally has the registration link where you will be required to register using your BRAC license.

Each race also requires a “Waiver” signed that releases the promoter from any liability.  They often want these at check-in on the day of the race when you pick up your bib number.

The race promoter often publishes start times in advance for Time Trials (TT’s) otherwise, if for criteriums, hill climbs or road races you will race by category of age.

What Equipment Do I Need For Races?

Other than your cycling clothing, helmet, shoes and gloves, you might need a trainer which you put your bike on to ride to warm up before your race.  Most cyclists who reach this level of riding often carry additional wheels, tires, tubes, changing tools and additional foul weather clothing in a bike bag much like you take to the gym.  It is always advisable to bring a few energy bars; and power drink and recovery drinks of your choice to make sure you are fully energized. See our Racing FAQ for more information.

How Do I purchase COBRAS clothes?

Visit the Clothing Store page, take a look at what you want then send an email to the Clothing Chairman (email link is on the page) and the Clothing Chairman will contact you with availability and how you can pick up your items. We currently accept checks as well as credit cards and PayPal for payment.

We also have a relationship with Pactimo where you can order kits. Pactimo requires a minimum order of $300 and the web site for the COBRAS is not always available. If you want look at their catalog and order clothing, email clothing@cobrascycling.org and request that the Pactimo store be opened.

Can I Get More Involved in COBRAS by Volunteering for a Committee?

Of course!  It is through volunteer efforts that our club exists; we have no paid positions on the Board of Directors.  You might watch to see where you might be of assistance and then approach our President  about additional involvement

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