Hello fellow cycling enthusiast!

I am Greg Kelton and the president of the COBRAS club.  I have been cycling most of my life and love the sport! A few years ago I was very competitive and raced in the Pro-1-2 category.

But perhaps like you, the years caught up with me and as I wasn’t ready to hang up my helmet, keeping up with the young “hammer heads” was getting to be an issue. Like you, when I do club rides I don’t like been dropped off the back every week! And again like you, I am still very strong in my own right, but just not in my 20’s anymore!

I was cycling with a friend and he told me about COBRAS, a club for the older, active and not ready to be sent out to pasture club. What a great group of people! The members are still very competitive and are really amazing! We all have the same love of cycling and most enjoy racing! Some came into the club as racers, others came in and discovered racing for the first time. Some just enjoy the weekly team rides and the social aspects of the club. With our training and mentoring programs we can compliment all.

We are a group of people much like you, from all walks of life and just love to get out on our bikes. We help each other; have social gatherings together and love our Saturday morning rides at a “reasonable” pace!  Our training programs include racing (of course), nutrition and other related subjects but with a difference. Our focus is on the 45 year old plus person as we recognize that the body and our abilities change over time.

If this sounds like something that is a fit for you, I encourage you to come ride with us some Saturday (take a look at the Team Rides page) or if you have questions, feel free to contact me directly or ask questions from our Contact Us page.

I am looking forward to riding with you!